Remoquer vor Vereinshalle des Fliegerclub Oschatz e.V.


The Flying Club Oschatz e.V. lies in the middle of Saxony at the gates of the homonymous city Oschatz. Just below the Collmberg, the airfield can be seen from a far distance.

Our volunteer flight instructors are very committed to our students between fourteen and seventy years. The technical and local conditions show that we are an innovative club, where both glider flight training, motor and motor gliding, aerobatics as well as model flights have a comparable value. Motivated long distance glider pilots, who appreciate the competition, find in the heart of Saxony as excellent conditions. Oschatz is a good starting point for flatland flights over the Dahlener Heide, the entrance into the Saxonian mountains or flights abroad, e.g. to Poland and the Czech Republic.

In addition to flying, we also have top-notch fun and social activities outside the 30-hectare airfield. Static symbols are as unimportant as political or economic conditions. What counts among our members is to stand up for the community, because our flying club is a big family. There was no such thing as a factional thought.

Whether young or old, whether poor or rich, whether male or female, single or family, beginner or professional, everyone is welcome, because we appreciate an open and uncomplicated admission policy. We would be delighted to invite you to participate in our hobby and enjoy the air in the sky above the beautiful Döllnitz region. Countless passengers and guest clubs have already seen our home from above.

Every weekend, from April to October and with good weather, we will be at the airfield. So just come over, take a look and make your own picture. We will see us in Oschatz!

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