Fliegerclub Oschatz

Flight Training

The dream of flying … Anyone who has ever wanted to sit behind the stick himself and perhaps even have great visions as a future flight captain can join us in the world of aviation and learn to fly in his most original form. As early as the age of fourteen, you can start and hold your license at sixteen, just before the driving license. Even for older semesters it can still be a fascinating hobby. With over 70 years you can still be a beginner for this leisure sport, as we were shown by a few members. The only condition is that you must be physically and medically fit.

The training for glider pilots is divided into three important sections:

1st Stage:

Here we lay the foundations. The first steps of the freshly baked pilot are always accompanied by an experienced flight instructor. True to the motto “learning by doing” you get the basic techniques shown first and can train, start, land and curve, even in stages. This is followed by the first three solo flights, also called the “A-Test”.

2nd Stage: 

Afterwards, the re-enrollment takes place on the single-seater, where the student, on his own initiative, completes further training flights. At the end of this training phase, the flight instructor proves his ability again during the “B-Test”. He must also be able to accomplish specific tasks during the flight alone.

3rd Stage:

In the third and final section of the training, the now almost learned sailplane pilots apply this knowledge in thermal flights. He either completes this with or without a teacher. The provisional highlight is the “C-Test”.

Finally, a theoretical examination is carried out in all important subjects, which are made fit for by our volunteer flight instructors. With a minimum flying experience of 25 hours and a route over 50 kilometers, the practical test can be taken. As soon as this is passed, you are Ready For Departure!

Do you have any questions? We will be pleased to answer you, whether by telephone, by e-mail, or in a personal conversation at the airport.