Astir CS 77 D-2901 in Oschatz

The Grob Aircraft is the basis of our Grob G102 Astir CS77 with the label D-2901. The single-seater is primarily intended for longer distance flights in the club, but can also be used for retraining on single-seater aircraft for student pilots. The Astir is usually the first aircraft model with a retractable landing gear for young pilots in our ranks. He is also quite robustly constructed and good-natured to fly, which is why the pilots tearing the airplane in the morning to take a seat.

Registration D-2901
Manufacturer Grob Aircraft (Germany)
Year of production 1979
Empty weight 280 kg
Spanwidth 15,00 m
Wing area 12,40 m²
best gliding ratio 37 (at 95 km/h)
lowest sink rate 0,60 m/s (at 75 km/h)
min. air speed 60 km/h
max. air speed 250 km/h

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