Club Libelle 205 D-2450 in Oschatz

The Glasflügel 205 Club Libelle, which is used in private ownership, originally originated in the small GDR town of Lommatzsch. Here, the high-performance gliders “Standart-Libelle” made of wood were developed and built by VEB Apparatebau in the fifties and sixties. After the turnaround, Glasflügel took over the former popular design and modernized it into a GRP construction. Thus, the “Glasflügel Club Libelle” was born. In various versions it is often seen in the sky today. The owner, who is also a member of the Fliegerclub, likes to go with his Libelle in good weather over long distances and has already participated with her in competitions and wave flying.

Registration  D-2450
Manufacturer Glasflügel (Germany)
Year of production  1980
Empty weight  210 kg
Spanwidth  15,00 m
Wing area  9,80 m²
best gliding ratio  35 (at 90 km/h)
lowest sink rate  0,56 m/s (at 68 km/h)
min. air speed  70 km/h
max. air speed  200 km/h

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