PW 5 D-5428 in Oschatz

The Politechnika Warszawska PW-5 Smyk, is at first glance a somewhat strange looking aircraft. The reason for this is the smaller than usual form. Also in the aircraft construction, the development does not stop and so is the PW-5 the GPR existing successor of the Pirat by the Polish company SZD. This PW-5 is in private use and is used by two club members for the long distance flights. Also interesting is the fact that a competition category was created especially for this aircraft, because the “Smyk” has a very small spanwidth.

Registration D-5428
Manufacturer Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)
Year of production  1994
Empty weight  190 kg
Spanwidth  13,44 m
Wing area  10,16 m²
best gliding ratio  33 (at 80 km/h)
lowest sink rate  0,64 m/s (at 73 km/h)
min. air speed  62 km/h
max. air speed  220 km/h

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