DR.400-180R Remorqueur D-EHDR in Oschatz

The Robin DR400-180R Remorqueur is a four-seater motorized wooden aircraft from the French company Robin Aircraft. The 180hp Lycoming four-cylinder boxer engine and the low weight, the “Remo” already gives a lot of power, which is why we mainly use it for the aircraft tow of the gliders. For this purpose, a rope drum is installed in the fuselage of the aircraft, on which the towing rope can be safely stowed again for landing. But, of course, the Remo is also capable of taking overland flights. In addition to the pilot, three more passengers fit into the aircraft. These have a wonderful and clear overview of the landscape under the airplane thanks to the large glass dome. You can easily shoot photos during the flight. The name Remorqueur originates from the French and means as much as “hauler”, as already mentioned, the Remo is excellent for towing of gliders.

Registration D-EHDR
Manufacturer Robin Aircraft (France)
Year of production 1984
Empty weight  600 kg
Spanwidth  8,72 m
Wing area  14,20 m²
best gliding ratio
lowest sink rate
min. air speed
max. air speed  278 km/h

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