Bergfalke II D-8109

Scheibe Bergfalke II (Private)

Probably the oldest aircraft within the fleet is the private Bergfalke ll. The glider developed in the fifties of Egon Scheibe was designed for training and performance flights. Characteristic of this pattern are the cabine hood, which is atypical for today’s situation, and the negatively swept wing. The structure is a further distinctive feature of the mixed construction typical for Scheibe Flugzeugbau constructions. As with the Bergfalke in our fleet, the hull consists of a steel tube construction which is admired with fabric. The front fuselage and the wings are made out of wood and also covered with fabric.
The owner is a member of our club and likes to use the Bergfalke very much for thermal flights, because it is outstanding because of its light construction. In addition, this Bergfalke is also often found at various Oldtimer meetings and thus has already travelled quite far through the world.

Registration D-8109
Manufacturer Scheibe-Flugzeugbau GmbH (Germany)
Year of production 1954
Empty weight 240 kg
Spanwidth 16,60 m
Wing area 17,70 m²
best gliding ratio 28 (at 80 km/h)
lowest sink rate 0,7 m/s (at 65 km/h)
min. air speed 48 km/h
max. air speed 160 km/h

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