SZD-30 Pirat D-0733 in Oschatz

The glider named “SZD-30 Pirat” also comes from SZD production. Here, the Polish designers for the first time dubbed a new material: glass fiber composite (GRP). The front fuselage is made of exactly this material, while the rest of the aircraft is composed of the well-known wooden construction. The laminar wing profile made the pirates in the sixties a high performance aircraft in the club class. However, this model has already come a little bit into the years and therefore is not quite “state of the art”, as one says in Germany. In Oschatz the Pirat still seldom remains on the ground. After the basic training of the flight students, he is the first single-seater with whom the young pilots gather further experience, fly thermals and also complete their first course. This is why our students are sometimes tearing at the two copies that we run in the club.

Registration D-0733
Manufacturer PZL Bielsko (Poland)
Year of production 1969
Empty weight 272 kg
Spanwidth 15,00 m
Wing area 13,80 m²
best gliding ratio 31,2 (at 83 km/h)
lowest sink rate 0,71 m/s (at 74 km/h)
min. air speed 58 km/h
max. air speed 195 km/h

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