SZD-30 Pirat D-5833 in Oschatz

Not only is the registration almost identical, but also many other things. The D-5833 and D-0733 are identical in design and are also used for the same purposes. Not only our students, but also experienced pilots, one of the two airplanes like to fly for one flight or another, when the students have finished with their training flights. The pirate always accompanies us at regular intervals to the youth comparison championship, where the young pilots from all over Saxony in a competition measures each other.

Registration D-5833
Manufacturer PZL Bielsko (Poland)
Year of production 1972
Empty weigth 272 kg
Spanwidth 15,00 m
Wing area 13,80 m²
best gliding ratio 31,2 (at 83 km/h)
lowest sink rate 0,71 m/s (at 74 km/h)
min. air speed 58 km/h
max. air speed 195 km/h

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