The latest member of our fleet is the dual control glider SZD-54-2 “Perkoz” from the house of SZD in Poland. As the further development of the well known glider SZD-50 “Puchacz” this glass fibre sailplane has passed its maiden flight just in 2011. As a result you can´t find this glider on many different airfields in Germany yet. But this modern sailplane shows very well that it is a real all-round talent. That´s why this Perkoz is the new flagship of our fleet since December 2019. Its three different versions of wing tips offers unlimited aerobatics with the 17,5m-wingspan without any winglets. On the other hand also nice cross country flights are possible with the 20m-wingspan and its winglets. Those wings give this sailplane its good gliding ratio and power ratings which come very close to those of the well known “Duo-Discus”. At the same time the very easy handling of the Perkoz turns it to a perfect glider for the flight training. That´s why this new aircraft will be used for many differnt flights in our gliding club. If you would also like to try a nice guest flight or maybe some aerobatics with this modern sailplane we would be very happy to welcome you on our airfield.

ManufacturerAllstar PZL Glider (Poland)
Year of production2018
Empty weight365 kg (for aerobatics) / 379 kg (for cross country)
Wingspan17,50 m / 20,00 m
Wing area16,36 m² / 17,82 m²
Best gliding ratio37 (at 109 km/h) / 41,8 (at 102 km/h)
Lowest sink rate0,66 m/s (at 82 km/h) / 0,58 m/s (at 78 km/h)
Min. air speed61,6 km/h
Max. air speed265 km/h / 240 km/h