Kunstlfug mit der ASK 21

Glider Aerobatics

You are an adrenaline junkie and would like to take a look at our planet up-side-down? Then you are best off in the aerobatics. The acrobatics in the sky (aerobatics) in the glider are really an experience, which is hard to compare with other things. Even a roller coaster in the leisure park cannot give you all the impressions, which can be painted with our ASK21 as a figure in the sky. Physics is also very impressive when it comes to aerobatics, as it is only here that you can see what can affect the body and the material for enormous forces by the attraction of the earth.

An aerobatic flight will definitely be something not everyday and unforgettable. So get in and let us really shake yourselves.

Info: Flight with a glider, aerobatic flight, aerotow launch up to 1200m, 1 seat available, 20min

Possible aircraft: ASK 21, Perkoz SZD-54-2

Price: 85.- €