Windenstart Segelflugzeug Bocian

Glider Winch Launch

If you are into adrenaline and acceleration, you do not have to buy an expensive sports car or ride a roller coaster. In such cases the winch launch is just right, because on the ground, the pulling force is so strong that one accelerates faster than a Formula 1 car and raises in about fifty meters distance in the air. Once upstairs, you can almost silently slide back to the ground. With some luck, you may also find thermal updrafts and can thus extend the usual flight time of about five minutes.

Generally, we recommend a minimum age of 12 years for glidering for safety reasons!

Info: Flight with a glider, winch launch, 400m, up to 10min, 1 seat available

Possible aircraft: ASK 21, Perkoz SZD-54-2, L-13 Blanik

Price: 20.- €